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Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtues consistently. You can't be consistently kind or fair or humane or generous, not without courage, because if you don't have it, sooner or later you will stop and say, "The threat is too much. The difficulty is ...too high. The challenge is too great. ~ Maya Angelou















































































































































































Next time you save a box top, or write a donation check, think about this:

One school district, one child, one parent at a time, 

Private attorneys retained by school districts get RICH, RICH, RICH ...

$58  million dollars.

The laws designed to protect our children are being manipulated by a cottage industry of private attorneys who have found a cash-cow opportunity to use the public's education tax dollars to enrich themselves by battling the rights of Texas schoolchildren.

In 06-07, according to the Texas Education Agency, Texas public schools spent more than $58,000,000 on private attorneys.  Fifty-eight million tax dollars that the people of Texas thought were going to educate children were diverted to private law firms.  

We must find a way to stop the flow of education dollars from public school districts, without limit or accountability, into the pockets of private attorneys who benefit while children suffer. 

This fiscal accountability issue affects each and every Texas taxpayer.

The average per pupil expenditures on legal expenses is $12 per student versus Eanes ISD $60.00 per student.

TEA Report of School District Legal Expenses - 06-07  

(only available online here)

For more information on this issue visit this site's Private Law Firms page.



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